We are a young work team,     
but we have rich experience in the shoes export business.      
We know the world is changing everyday,   the market is changing everyday, 
so we never stop studying everyday.
General Manager: Miss Anna Huang         
E-mail:  anna@winiway.com      Tel: EXT 816
Miss Ivy,      E-mail: ivy@winiway.com,      Tel: Ext 802
Miss Fiona,    E-mail: fiona@winiway.com     Tel: Ext 804
Miss Cindy,    E-mail: cindy@winiway.com     Tel: Ext 808
Miss Aillen,   E-mail: aileen@winiway.com    Tel: Ext 807
Mr. Jacky,     E-mail: jacky@winiway.com     Tel: Ext 811
Managing Director: Mr. John Y. Jiang       
E-mail: john@winiway.com         Tel: EXT 815